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Foundation Support

Flat Joe 5K Supporters

A Course/Line LLC (Todd Smoot) Whites Pools AFJROTC GA956 Alcovy Signs Athens First State Farm (Patti Souther)
Steve and Diana Hunt Tim Stewart Funeral Home Williamson for Walton Gilded Lily Joseph and Deborah Roth Pat Salter
Pecans Salon and Spa Sandy and Red Fouts Steve Shellnut Tom Pope Accolades
Tommy Hatton
DJ Larry Park Bikers Austin Cabot and James Kirven, Capt Vance, and Caleb Nix
(police escorts)
The Cary Family The Helton Family
Lee Blinson Jarrod Rowe Jordan Rowe      


Our Supporters

James Helton (ret. Army) Jordan Rowe & family Jessica Beck & family Linda Hoff
(and the late ret. Col Larry Hoff)
Mitch Alligood Coach and Linda Head
Chief of Police Keith Glass
Mayor Greg Thompson
Rep. Bruce Williamson The Monroe AFJROTC Lt Col. Art Rozier (ret CSM) Randy Garrett of Accolades
Voiture Locale #499
(Loganville Chapter of 40 & 8)

The American Legion Post 233

The American Legion Post 64
Patrick Graham
The Walton Tribune
Monroe High School
Soccer Team
Coach Ron Coleman
Monroe Area High School
Walker Park Elementary School Glenn Money
First Baptist Church
Meadows Funeral Home Col. Chris Ford (ret. Col)”Dinny” Keegan

Captain and Melissa Przybysz


Captain and Priscilla Murray

Captain Cody Holland

Captain Mark Hancock Captain Aaron Sanchez Tsgt Joe Nixon Fallen Heroes of Georgia


These are the people who have lent their courage, and spirit, and continue to keep Joe’s memory a living entity. There are many, many more who have supported us over the past five years. In addition to this list, there are numerous individuals and organizations who have sent money in memory of Joseph. Many neither knew Lt Helton or any of us, but they are Americans who mourn not only for the loss of our “Joseph, Joe, Helton, LT”, but for all the sons and daughters who have placed themselves between us and harm’s way. No longer are the lyrics just words when the Star Spangled Banner plays, especially when it comes to

“…the bombs bursting in air…”

Together we stand Strong. Proud. Free. America. Home of the Brave.