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2018 Flat Joe 5k

2017 Flat Joe 5k Runners...And they're off!
5th Annual Flat Joe 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run


It's April!  Don't miss out on the early bird registration and ensure your T-shirt!  Last year's was a hit - we sold all but a couple of XXL! (we won't order so many of those, this year!) The following link will take you to registration at > <.

And I can't believe it's year 5.  I remember when we had the first one - that I thought would be a one-and-only - the turnout was far greater than I had expected.  The past four years it has grown in little bits, and now feels almost like a family reunion.  So many names I recognize - so many have travelled far distances every year.  Not only do some of them travel...they show up begging to help!

And let me mention Todd Smoot of ACourse/Line from Valdosta.  He was Jordanne's Coach when Joseph was killed.  Every year he (or one of his employees) makes the four hour drive up from Valdosta to be our race timer, for nothing more than gas, a room at the local inn, and a meal.  This is a significant sacrifice to him, and the biggest cost savings for us. He's funny, friendly, and most importantly (at the end of the race) efficient! Thank you, Todd!

This year we are also working to have some interesting and educational displays.  We have had confirmation from the Shadow Warrior Foundation (every time I see them at the FHOG I get goosebumps - if you want to know why, be at the Flat Joe 5k May 19th!),  Crossfit Loganville (Crossfit was one of Joe's favorites - they even have a workout named after him) who may bring with them a little challenge, and Mark Bush Mr. Intentional, a family friend and author of Amazon e-book LiveIntentionally. (oh, and if you do amazon, please use AmazonSmile and select from their list of verified charities - the Lt Helton Memorial Foundation Inc is but one.  At no additional cost to you, a very small portion of what you spend is sent  charity of your choice!  If you don't have a favorite, we would love to become that.  The small donation we get from AmazonSmile now helps to pay for ink and paper throughout the year - more would certainly go further!)

We will have a tent available for our sponsors who would like to set out a few marketing materials (e-mail if you're interested in becoming a sponsor!).  We have some special medals for our first place winners this year, and BlueHound Custom Tees is working on our T-shirt design using the same soft shirt we had last year only in navy blue.  T-shirts from previous years will be available for sale at $5 each.

While I had hoped we would have the pedestal for the Fallen Heroes Memorial completed in time for our 5th Annual FJ5K, because the granite for the pedestal is being coordinated with that used in the Walton County Veterans Park, that project will not be completed until this fall.  We have been told (and now it's out in print) that the next stage of the park will be completed by November 12, in time for the Monroe Bicentennial Celebration.  So come on out, enjoy the static displays by our firefighters and police, learn a little about the growing Crossfit craze and maybe participate in a little challenge, let the Shadow Warriors touch your heart, get a little exercise - or not, and become part of our growing family, if you're not already!  Our focus is on fun and celebrating our Veterans - those who serve, have served, as well as those who paid that ultimate price.  Profits from the race will be used to complete the pedestal, a $1,000.00 scholarship to be made available to the winning team of the AFJROTC Challenge (the last winner was in 2015, Patrick Riggs), and the Monroe Area Lt. Helton Scholarship Fund.  A cool shirt, a little bit of fun, a little bit of exercise, and in helping to finish with the pedestal you'll become a little bit of history.  How can you beat that?

The Lt. Helton Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organzation which is run totally by volunteers (which means we do not get paid).