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3rd Annual Don't Be A Weaksauce Golf Classic

2016 Golf Classic Supporters
Okay, to you Golfers who have been calling....



Coming October 13, 2017

The “3rd Annual Don’t Be A Weaksauce Golf Classic”
October 13?  Why October 13? It's usually in September!
Because when we were asking for a date, Dave said that was open, and 13 was Joe's number.
Every time I entertain the idea of not pushing forward, Joseph’s number pops up. 
This Golf event has always been so much fun in the past.  If you enjoy playing golf and being around a fun group, and having the profits go towards a great cause, then come on out for the 3rd annual “Don’t Be A Weaksauce Golf Classic”.
It’s fun, friendly, and serves a great cause.  Profits from the Golf Tournament will go towards the Joseph Helton Scholarship Fund and the Walton County Veterans Memorial.  There is still so much work to be done there!  The pedestal is to be wrapped in granite and etched with the names of the Walton County residents, both Civil Service and Military, who have lost their lives while on the job.  This is what our profits have produced this far!
You don’t play golf? Maybe you know someone who does - tell them about it! You can make a donation on line, or, better yet, donate an item for the raffle! Every little bit helps!
Our goals are 1) to let our Civil Service, Veterans, and their loved ones know that the willingness of those who serve to put their lives on the line does not go unappreciated;  2) to assist students in pursuit of a military career;  3) to help educate the public of the vital role our Civil Service and Military personnel play in the of securing our freedoms, and keeping us safe both at home and abroad, and 4) just as important as the other three, to live in the moment, enjoy those around us, and have FUN!  This is going to be the best "Weaksauce" ever!
So come on…sign yourself up, make a shout out to your neighbor who loves to golf, or take some time to donate a “dime.”  Need a little more incentive?  "Don't be a Weaksauce!"
Supporters golfing along with Gold Star Family members.
The Lt. Helton Memorial Foundation is run entirely by volunteers.  Want to share an idea, a talent, or volunteer? contact